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Monday, April 4, 2011

Mia and her therapies!

Mia was at Peamount.....

"For my work experience I went to Peamount Hospital in Newbridge, I was in three different departments they were

1.Physio Therapy

2.Speech and Language Therapy and

3. Occupational therapy

I also went to the Audiology department to get information on what goes on there.

On Monday I went to human resources to find out what department I was going to first, the head of human resources Pat brought me down to the rehabilitation center where i was introduced to my first supervisor Ann. she introduced me the the many physio therapists I would be working with and basically following around! :D

I was put with Elizabeth, she was working in care of the elderly so I went to two wards with her St. Ciarans and St.Patrick's. There she did maintenance therapy which is basically maintaining the range of mobility achieved by patients during the initial physio the undertook after the accident of stroke. This involved light exercise and some assisted walking and stretching.


On Tuesday I was in the Speech and Language Department. Everybody was really nice! In the morning I was with Aoife and she gave me an over view of what is done by a speech and language therapist, she showed me some films they were really informative and interesting. Then I went to a meeting in St.Brides which is the neurological ward where the nurses, doctors, physios, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and dietitians would discuss each patient and how they were getting on. Later that afternoon I went to a chat group with post stroke patients and that was really good they were all doing so well! it really showed the long term work of a speech and language therapist!

On Wednesday I was back in the physio department. I was with Sunni she let me follow her around and see all of her patients, I also observed in the gym which is where the out patients and some of the other patients go for physio. I got a half day so i was allowed to go home after lunch!:D

On Thursday I was in Speech and Language Therapy from 8.30 to 12 I went to a meeting on the FIM-FAM this is a way of assessing patients abilities I found it really interesting and I had fun in the practical bit. I went down to St.Brides ward later that day and meet some of the patients everybody was so nice and they all let me sit in on there talks with my supervisor. Just before lunch I went to the Audiology department to meet with a member of the staff who talked me through what Audiology was and how it works I found it really interesting because I had no previous knowledge of the area. It is definitely a career to think about! After lunch I was meant to go to a news group with Aoife and Sinead but it didn't go ahead because some of the people were missing. instead I went around with Sinead to some of her patients. I really enjoyed the day!

On Friday I went to the Occupational Therapy Department. In the morning I went to a breakfast club with some of the patients from St.Brides I got to loads more practical work such as helping the patients put their aprons on, cutting off crusts on their french toast and helping them eat and drink . I found this really fun and I really got to chat with the patients it was really fun! Lather that afternoon I went to a gardening club where the patients got to replant seeds and grow their own vegetables they really enjoyed the experience and i got to plant some seeds of my own! :) After lunch I was allowed to watch an assessment take place it was good and I got to see other aspects of the job. Then the best part of the week came next I got to help with a baking/ cooking class it was really really fun! I had a great time with the patients we made simple queen cakes they tasted great and we all had a chat with a cup of tea! It was a great way o end the week! :)

I had a really good time in Peamount Hospital everybody was lovely and I would recommend it to anybody! :D
Great account Mia, well done.

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Mrs L :)

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