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Monday, February 1, 2010

TY Information Night

The 28th of January was Transition Year Information night in the school. Meg and Pamela were asked to go up and speak to the parents about their TY experiences so far, and to promote the programme.

Ellie, Eileen, Louise, Emma and I went up to the school as well to help out for the evening. We were opening the door and handing out leaflets to all the parents. At the end of the night, the parents came up to us asking what we thought of Transition Year, and if it is worthwhile. The evening went well, with the parents appearing happy with the TY programme.

We also helped out the following morning with the TY talk for the 3rd years.

Ali Bell

Ellie adds......

"It was a pleasure to be able to help and of course talk about what a great experience TY has been for us so far and how much we enjoy it. Meg and Pamela gave a wonderful speech to the parents about everything that is involved in the year and all the events and things we have done so far. They did a really good job, well done! :) "

Ellie xox

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