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Thursday, February 11, 2010

In School Science Competition

Today, in triple science, the science teachers announced the winners of the in school science competition. There were some great prizes won, like boxes of Celebrations and vouchers for Liffey Valley. Prizes were given to the students who got through to the BT Young Scientist, and also to students who the teachers thought deserved a prize for all their hard work. The teachers judged our projects in 3 areas.

Scientific Content.
Presentation of the project.
The originality of the idea.

The overall winners were Ali Bell and Eileen Maher. They did a project about fake tan, which was quite original. Although they did not get through to the BT Young Scientist, they continued working away on their project and even went to Maynooth College to complete it!

Ms Barry came down to give out the prizes and to look at our posters which were displayed on the walls of the demo room.

After the prizes were given out, we watched "Creation" which is all about Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and his life. The teachers had kindly bought us chocolates, lolliops, crisps and fizzy drinks to reward us for our hard work.

Overall, it was a great few hours! Thank you Ms. Ward, Ms. Healy and Ms. Coogan for such a great afternoon! :)
- Sarah McE .xo

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