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Thursday, February 25, 2010


On Wednesday 24th February all TY’s had a Beatbox session with Klaus.

Sinead says, “First we started with some simple snap/clap rhythms, it was hilarious. After that he got out some tuned percussion instruments called Boomwackars, they were great fun. They were like poles each one a different colour and a different note. To get a sound off them you hit them off you lap. We did the song that used to be on the Carphone Warehouse ad. It took a while to get everyone doing different things at the same time but it worked out in the end and it sounded really good.

After lunch we learned the song Jammin’ by Bob Marley using the Boomwackars, it sounded really good and two girls sang along with Klaus.

Then did some work with untuned percussion instruments i.e. drums, tambourines, ago-go (bells).

We worked on a samba-regee piece using different drums and other instruments, it took ages to learn and we practices for ages. We had a great day altogether.”

Emma says,
“It wasn't beat boxing but a percussion workshop with our man Klaus. We did body percussion , drums and also used the cool sound instrument called the' Boomwacker '. Klaus was cool and he was very good at teaching us what to do. We got used to the Boomwacker and then we put it all together and played a song called Popcorn. We also got to play all different types of drums and play a carnival type song at the end of the day. I'm sure the girls in the office outside the music room were going mad with all the drumming and shouting but we all had great craic and really enjoyed ourselves.”

Ellie says, “– we had such fun it was great! And of course the sound improved as the day went on and we all got a little better.
We got to try different instruments such as boom-whackers, African drums, base drums and tambourines. We were split up into different sections and we each had a piece of the beat to play, we all had to work together to make the music!
There was lots of fun and laughter and we all really enjoyed it – apart from the sore hands afterwards!
Thanks so much to Ms O’ Reilly for organising it :)”

Check out Megs video of the workshop. She says the songs are our actual ones from the workshop :) we recorded them.

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