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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Geography projects

There are only 4 weeks left until mid term and I am hoping that my TY Geography class will have finished the research for their Around the World Virtual Trip by then.
After mid term they should be ready to make their presentations in class and to submit their Fact File for assessment.
Here is an example of what last year's class presented. Siobhanb was going to travel to Poland.

Siobhan had lots of photos in her presentation and talked us through each slide.


50% of TY Christmas Assessment will go towards their Factfile and 50% towards their classroom presentation.
In the Factfile I will be looking for facts obviously, a geography focus on each country (places to see etc) and a well presented project. It does not have to be printed, a scrapbook will do just as well.

For the classroom presentation I will be looking for depth of knowledge about yopur chosen country - so I will be asking questions! I will also allocate marks for a well designed PowerPoint presentation and for delivery  - so be confident!

Good luck
Mrs L :)

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