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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rugby blitz.

TY were playing in a Rugby blitz today. Siobhan posted this on her blog....

"Today half of the TYs went to Tallaght to play in the rugby blitz. We played in St Marks School. The blitz’s was cancelled before Christmas because of the snow but we finally got to go and play today. It was a brilliant day and everybody had a good day.

We left school at half nine and headed to Tallaght. We almost made it all of the way there without getting lost but when it came to finding the school we got lost. After we stopped and Mr. L asked the builder for directions we were on our way again. We made it there on time so it wasn’t too bad.
When we got there the red team were the first team from our school to play. There were two or three other schools.... I can’t remember anymore. Each team got the chance to play against all of the teams. For the first match we got to watch the red team play and they were really good and of course they won the game as well as winning all of the other games that they played. The blue team played good as well they lost 2 matches and drew the other two matches that they played.
Some of the other teams that we played were really good too, some of them even looked a bit scary. Everybody had good fun today and at the end of it we all got a t-shirt and a bag. When then headed back to the bus to go back to school. After the mistakes with counting people on the bus we finally figured it out and we were able to go back to school.
It seems that all of the training in PE has paid off and hopefully we will get to do rugby again and play in another blitz’s."

See some of Siobhan's photos here.

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