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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Briery Gap Drama competition

Saidbh was blogging about the Briery Gap Drama Festival this week.......

"The Briery Gap Drama competition was on Tuesday and St. Wolstans had four drama entries in the heats. My group did a play based on the poem 'But You Didn't' by Merryl Glass. We adapted the poem and wrote a script with a scene for each verse.

The play is about a young couple very much in love, until the man is called up to war and he dies in combat. We had Niamh playing the female character Merryl in the present looking back on all her past memories with her partner before he was killed, and then Orlaigh is the past Merryl acting out the memories with Bebhinn as John, her partner.

We really enjoyed putting the whole production together, even though it was stressful at times trying to work out costumes and props. Ciara deserves a lot of credit for painting the entire backdrop herself! Something I would completley mess up :L

I was an extra in the play, but I was involved in the writing of the script, and I was in charge of lighting and props with Ciara.

The other dramas from our school were all very good, and I've seen them so many times I know all the lines off by heart! It's amusing to see all the plays are based around tragic themes such as racism, drink driving, abuse, war....we have morbid imaginations! "

Here's hoping for a place in the finals Saidbh!

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Mrs L :)

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  1. Yeh it seems we do Saidhbh- we should really do a cheerful play :L