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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hip- Hop for TY Night

For our TY night, we wanted to do something special, and we decided that a group dance would be perfect. We started to do some moves in our PE classes with Ms. O’Callaghan, but none of us are choreographers, and nothing that we did looked particularly good. We knew we needed help, so Mr. Lawlor organised for a dance instructor, from the dance school “Just Dance”, to come in and teach us. We had our first class with Sharon in early April, the first of three. The warm ups were really fun, and the stretches were pretty intense. We got straight into a dance, which was quite challenging at first, some of us were afraid it would be too hard. But she said we were all well capable so we trusted her because she was the expert. We learned to scuff, spin, pose and do lifts as we did the dance. Every class we worked on what we had, and Sharon would add on a little more. By week three we loved what we had, and Sharon said she would come in one last time to make sure we all had it exactly right. We perfected our dance, as well as the tricky finishing stunts. Now all that’s left is the final show! I can’t wait.

Alex- Desta


The Dance on the night went brilliant. There were some little messes up, but no major catastrophes. We all enjoyed ourselves from the minute we went out, and I think the parents did too. The music was great, and we all looked like real dancers with our matching outfits; black bottoms, white shoes and red or blue paint splattered tops. A huge thanks to Sharon again, for choreographing both dances, and to Mr. Lawlor for organising it.

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