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Monday, May 3, 2010

Build A Bank National Finals

29th April was a day Savvy Savers bank team have been waiting on for the last few months. It was the big competition and the end of the line. The National Finals!
We arrived in Croke Park at 10am with our posters and our Savvy Savers high visibility jackets and hard hats, and ready to sell our bank but when we got up to the conference area it was way better than we had expected!

Along the corridor there were tables with lovely foods like croissants and fruit and juice. Then we were brought up to the chillout zone. There were huge games of Operation and Jenga, Chess and Connect Four. There was air hockey and table tennis and cushions were all over the floor. It was really cool!

After an hour or so of "chilling" and after every team had arrived we made our way to the competition area where we were given 45 minutes to set up our table and get prepared for the judging. The other banks were amazing and the standard was unbelievably high!
When the judges came around and asked us questions we thought we did good and we were happy! Happy that the hard bit of the day was over aswell! Then the fun really began!

First we were brought on a tour of Croke Park for about an hour. Then we came back and played more games for a bit and then we were brought into the dinning room...... A-MA-ZING!!!!
The whole room was lit up in blue and purple and red lights, there was a big stage up the top and we all had our own table! Aidan Power from RTE was presenting the show. We got a 3 course meal. We had the best vegetable soup EVER for starter, chicken with mushroom sauce for main and brownies with cream for desert. The food was only gorgeous!!!!! Then the day continued with entertainment from a group of drummers and we were presented with certificates!

Then it was the big time...the time to announce the winners!
We were at table one!..The group who came 3rd were at table 3...the group who came 2nd were at table 2, then we were getting excited and they called out "The Winner is......St.......Marys"… the winner was at table 11.
We weren’t disappointed that we didn’t win. Obviously we would have loved to but the bank that won were so good and they deserved it. We were just so happy to have even gotten that far and to have had such an amazing day!
We would like to thank AIB, Ms.McMahon and the rest of school community for all their support over the last few months.
So here’s a big thanks from Savvy Savers.


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