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Friday, September 19, 2014


Day 1:

This week has been a very exciting week for us in TY. We started off early on Monday morning at 7am as we had a long bus ride ahead of us. It was finally time for our long awaited trip to Carlingford and we were all very excited. As soon as we got there, we got straight into our wetsuits and went out onto the water. We were split into two different groups. On the first day, Group A did canoeing and the combat course while Group B did kayaking and laser tag. After all those activities, we were all so hungry and so we headed back to the centre for dinner which was at 5pm. We then had some time to ourselves until 7pm when we headed on the Nightline, a walk through the forest while blindfolded! It was a very funny and interesting activity. It was a great team building exercise as we put our trust into one another. The view from the mountains was amazing!

Day 2:

We were up bright and early again after a wake-up call from reception followed by some music to lift our spirits. We had to pack our bags and get down to breakfast as quickly as possible. Both groups were out on the water by 9am. We then switched activities and Group A took part in Kayaking and Group B had fun in the canoes. Both groups had the chance to go out on the water trampolines which was great fun. After the water sports, we were all relieved to be back in dry clothes. We had lunch and then were off on our afternoon activities. Group A did laser tag and Group B took part in the combat course.

On Wednesday we were all really tired from the Carlingford trip but luckily, we had a fun packed day of workshops. We were asked to bring in our own makeup for the etiquette workshop where we learnt the proper way to apply makeup and false tan.

We then had a work experience workshop with our guidance counsellors about how what to do and how to prepare for work experience which starts next week!

The third and final workshop of the day was the Personal Management workshop. It helped us to gain a better outlook on life and learn about ourselves as people. It was a very helpful workshop full of laughs.

On Thursday, we went to NUI Maynooth for the Student Enterprise workshop. We learnt about past mini company winners and it gave us helpful ideas about our own mini companies for the future.
Overall it was a fun-filled week for us. We are all exhausted and looking forward to the weekend!

Thanks for reading,
Chloe Kairua
Hannah Byrne
Anita Osibuamhe.

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