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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some more videos from TY 2012 / 2013

Here's some more videos that TY 2012 / 2013 made in May. Enjoy :)

Kate recorded Under the Same Sun ( and performed it at TY Night too!)

Orlaith, Ciara, and Ruth recorded a TY French oral. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bk6Zk3a55ms 

Abbie and Muireann did an MTV cribs style video of St Wolstan’s http://youtu.be/cyn1Q587On4

Chanice shows us what a day out at Xtreme is like http://youtu.be/TW603BRAbWM 

Aisling did some weird dance moves in the garden! http://youtu.be/EA47VQN2fsM

Aideen went to the beach to make her video http://youtu.be/_AG579irnYs

Eilise made a How To video on playing the ukulele http://youtu.be/1av-wLNDsic

Shannon and Emma did their video on their TY year http://youtu.be/SNsnezRL8lo

Rachel made a video about her Junk Kouture experience http://youtu.be/7KZqdnBcI78

Ciara M is mad into boy bands! http://youtu.be/44EDx9vzjxM

Alanna plays in the orchestra and rehearses at lunchtimes. http://alannad101.blogspot.ie/2013/05/this-my-it-video-completed-it-is-all.html

Fiona recorded her Gaisce hike http://youtu.be/hdNn7vSUraM

Emma and Cliodhna shows us what’s involved in getting ready for Gaisce http://emmastytimes.blogspot.ie/2013/05/it-video-project-d.html

Aisling’s passion is horses http://aislingnty.blogspot.ie/

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