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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Podcasting workshop - Ailbhe's report

Podcasting- such a good day!
On Friday we had a brilliant day. Two men called Chris and Steven came in to do a podcasting workshop with us. I have to say that it was brilliant and I really think that it should be done every year with TY's from now on. It is really worth it in my opinion. Firstly they spoke with us about how one can do a podcast. If you go into iTunes U it is really easy to do podcasting. The word podcast is an amalgamation of the words broadcast and ipod because a podcast is basically a broadcast for an ipod.

Other websites which will help you to create podcasts are http://www.audacity.com/ and http://www.osalt.com/ . Steven and Chris were using Mac computers and luckily my sister has one. They used the programme garage band which is an existing programme on the mac. You really can do anything to a podcast with garage band- the special effects are amazing.

After they showed us how to do a podcast we were split into groups of five or six. Three of the groups went with Chris and the other two went with Stephen. I was in a group with Ciara, Laura, Rachel, Aoife and Niamh. We had to come up with a theme for our podcast. It was hard to think of themes but then Ms. McGrath came over to us and said to do something with the programme 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here'. So then we decided to do a podcast about Gillian from the programme. We made the script and it was really funny to see everyone putting on different accents. I was Ant from 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here'. We recorded all the parts in the microphone thing with the help of Chris and then we began to add special effects. We had jungle music and crickets in the background. It was so much fun. When everyone was finished perfecting their podcasts we all went into one room and listened to them all. Some of the podcasts were funny- Granny Bloomers or something along those lines, the history of St. Wolstans, fake celebrities and another one about a radio interview being interrupted.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the podcasts and I can't wait to do more throughout the year. They are just great and so much fun to do. Chris and Stephen's websites are http://www.songschool.ie and http://www.createschool.ie. The two and a half hours that we were with them for were great.

Thanks Ailbhe for a great report. Read more of Ailbhe's blog here.

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